2013 Renault Scenic XMOD known as the family of MPV-shape shows its new typical body. This car is B-segment MPV which is offering crossover type.

2013 Renault Scenic XMOD

The exterior and Interior Features of 2013 Renault Scenic XMOD

Taking a look at the cargo space, Renault continues to provide sufficient space of boot car capacity for this Scenic XMOD type. It is about carrying 555 liters in 19.6 cubic-feet. If there is needed more space, there is no less than 71 liters additional space around the cabin. By folding the seats or removing the seat, you can configure that space for the passengers. Further, for the driver orientation, 2013 Renault Scenic XMOD also rearrange the multi directional joystick control and rotary control of traction system within. Furthermore, there is an advance Grip Xtend traction control system for driver which can choose appropriate modes for driving, such as, while it is mud, sand or fresh snow.
The exterior area of 2013 Renault Scenic XMOD  comes with a special alloy wheels, new style on its front and rear bumper, and also combine Renault’s new design identity and signature LED daytime running lights.

Renault Scenic XMOD interior

The Performance of 2013 Renault Scenic XMOD

As it is Renault provides crossover platform, there would be range of three energy engines including TCe petrol 130 engine with producing 130 horsepower and also over 220 pound feet of torque. It is said that there will be 15 percent more efficient engine than the previous version. Here are the following features of this Scenic XMOD’s engine; the engine would be Energy DCi 110, 110 horsepower, 192 Pounds-feet with 105 G/km emission with the fuel 68.9 Mpg. The second, it is Energy TCe 115, 115 horsepower, 140 Pound feet, 13 G/km Co2 level and 48.7 Mpg Combine Fuel . The last engine, Energy Dci 130, 130 Horsepower, 220 Pound feet with 114 G/km and 64.2 Mpg Combine Fuel.

2013 Renault Scenic XMOD will available on its debut at Geneva Motor Show this March. About the estimation price, it is estimated of £18,000 to £21,000, which is about $28,000 to $33,000 based on current exchange rate.

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