2014 Toyota Tacoma comes with Direct Injection Engine. From the prediction, this Direct Injection will be different in the way to extend the fuel potency and also it is calculated about 5-10 % increasing in ratio.

2014 toyota tacoma interior dashboard

The Interior and Exterior Design of 2014 Toyota Tacoma

The change future of this Truck is increasing its fuel tank in a bigger volume. It is also got its truck style and also aggressive further than its previous model. 2014 Toyota Tacoma is presented to find its truck lover and makes them more enthusiastic about this new Toyota Tacoma Model. It is new visualization of this car’s height. It is done in the way to find its aerodynamic style.
In addition, 2014 Toyota Tacoma will get back its old large buttons and also new gauges and also better quality of the materials on the dashboard area. Besides getting its old characteristic, this Old VVT will replace with Variable Valve Lift System. The rumor said that Hydraulic steering pump will be replaced by more electric motor to show its higher technology and modern high strength steel.

2014 Toyota Tacoma side view

The Performance of 2014 Toyota Tacoma

The information said that 2014 Toyota Tacoma will bring V6 engine pair with 2.7 L in-line emapt cylinder with variable –valve timing-head to provide up to one 190 hp and 200 pound-rigid torsion. In addition, this Tacoma will get a base two-wheel drive with four cylinder approaching thirty miles of gallon, while the six cylinder will be nearer to 26 miles/ gallon.
Althought this future of 2014 Toyota Tacoma has not very obvious to bring V6 Direct Injection or 4.6 liter or 5.7 liter of Direct Injection, but the exact point is this car will provide its fuel efficiency increasingly.

By showing its Luxury car that completed with Direct Injection Engine, this Toyota Tacoma Truck model will be available in the late of 2013 and will show its debut price about $17,265. This car is informed that there will be a lot of improvement in the performance of power engine.

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